ECOE School

The Elite Centre of Excellence (ECOE) School offers a holistic approach to player development that focuses on providing players looking for that training platform to develop soccer fundamentals and tools outside of their respective teams.

All training is provided by Elite coaches and trainers with high standards of coaching and playing experience.

Enrollment into the ECOE School program can be done in a few different ways.

  1. Full-Time enrollment – Inclusive of all 10 months and areas of training.
  2. Part-Time enrollment – Season based and inclusive of the areas of training during that respective season
  3. On-demand – Players have the choice to enroll in the areas of training specific to their needs.
  • What players should expect from the on-field activities is:
    • Highly intense
    • Simple, but demanding
    • Productive and always game related
  • What players should expect from the off-field activities is:
    • Educational
    • Body and mind nurturing
    • Inspirational
ECOE School program is a standard component of the Elite Full-Time academy member.