Centre of Excellence



The Elite Centre of Excellence is a new layer we are introducing to the Elite Player Development Pyramid that specifically focuses on individual technique of every player.

Children grow and develop at different rates, and although in soccer the physical attributes are commonly the most obvious sign of growth, ones maturity actually plays a far greater role in the holistic development of a player. As result, through the Elite Centre of Excellence players will be specifically aligned in groups based on their needs of technical development once per week by complimenting their respective team’s functional training.

  • The Elite Talent Pathway Selects will run on Thursdays and brings together top performing players from different ages with the maturity level and ability to understand training sessions but also adjust to a faster/more intense training model.
    This player MUST also be capable to maintain a high attendance training rate.
  • The Ball Mastery Platform will run on Thursdays and is designed to offer individual ball dribbling technique and coordination skill development training. This program will allow players in need of dribbling skills and confidence on the ball to develop at their own rate and gradually move into the Select program.