Make a good choice for your child’s soccer program

Tryouts are here… This indoor season select the best program for your child to develop in!

This time of year can be quite a difficult time for players and parents. Whether you are the parent of a child who is advanced in relation to his/her peers, or someone who can genuinely benefit from more time to develop, parents need to look beyond the “smoke show” of winning/losing and spend more time evaluating the most appropriate environment for your child.

Here are 3 very specific areas parents need to carefully evaluate:

  1. Coaching credentials and expertise
    1. Look beyond the coaching credentials and resume. Does the club/coaching staff demonstrate ability to have the tools to truly develop your child
    2. Strong coaches will carry specific coaching principles such as individual technique into their games, and use the games as a stage to continue teaching.
  2. Team make up and playing format
    1. Make sure your child is on a team that will allow him/her to develop, get touches on the ball and ultimately not get segregated to a position
    2. Children need to spend time on the field and not on the bench. Parents need to look for teams that are not overly crowded and/or work closely with other related groups within the same organization to allow players to move around and maximize playing time.
  3. Know what you are paying for…
    1. In specific, REP players are athletes with above average skill who should rank the importance of training as high as games. Make sure your child is in an environment where he/she will be challenged
    2. You pay for what you get… yes, the academy system is generally a little more expensive largely because it is comprised of qualified hired coaches focused on the pure development of athletes

In the end of it all, you are investing into your child’s future through soccer. Over the course of 8-10 years, parents will spend a significant amount of money in extra curricular activities to teach their children the many values sports brings.

Let’s make good choices.

What defines Elite Soccer, is the culture we grow and develop in, focused on becoming great players, professionals and role models.

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